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Stock News

The NYSE Trades Up (Forbes)
A new chairman, new seat rules--and maybe a game plan for electronic competition.

24. COMERICA INC. (Detroit Free Press)
24. COMERICA INC. WHAT IT IS: With its roots in Comerica Bank-Detroit, Comerica Inc. is the largest financial holding company based in Michigan and among the 20 largest commercial banking companies in the United States, with $51.8 billion in assets.

American Insulock Announces Financial Consulting Agreement and Revised Offering Price of Private Placement Offering (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)
American Insulock Inc. announces that the Company has entered into a two-year financial consulting agreement with HDM Capital Inc. of Vancouver, B.C. Pursuant to the Agreement, the Consultant will provide general financial advisory services to the Company and is being granted an option to acquire one million shares in the Company's common stock at an exercise price of $0.05 per share.

MIDDAY BUSINESS REPORT: Yellow Roadway continues to slide (Kansas City Star)
Shares of Yellow Roadway continued a dramatic slide that started late last week despite an earnings upgrade by competitor CNF Inc.

Kyodo economic news summary -6- (Kyodo via Yahoo! Asia News)
_ ---------- Sharp to buy Fujitsu's LCD business

IDELIX Software Inc. and Offshore Systems International Ltd. Announce Teaming Partnership (
IDELIX Software Inc. and Offshore Systems International Ltd. (OSI) announced today the signing of a teaming agreement to support the integration of Pliable Display Technology (PDT) by IDELIX into OSI command and control solutions.

Notes on Premier Bank's IPO case (Financial Express)
The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Bangladesh recently found a few top executives of Premier Bank Ltd. responsible for violating the Depository Act 1999 by opening approximately 32,000 beneficiary accounts of which 26,000 were fake accounts.

The Patent Guy (BusinessWeek)
Companies turn to lawyer Ron E. Shulman when bedeviled by infringement suits. Here he discusses such legal action's high costs to society

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