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Cross-security market making Convertible securities often include call provisions. Many studies find a negative average market reaction to calls Clientele effects and cross-security market ...
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Gold CHARGES Higher With Most Long-Term Gold Bulls BEARISH (GoldSeek.com)
Gold CHARGES Higher With Most Long-Term Gold Bulls BEARISH!!! GO GATA!!!

My Schaeffer's (Schaeffers Research)
Remember Me! A daily feature available on SchaeffersResearch.com is "Option Activity Watch." Every day, we'll focus on three stocks that generated a great deal of option trading on the previous day.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004 - 12.18 pm/14.18 GMT Brazil stocks rise midday, after record Tue close (AE Brazil)
São Paulo, 01 - Stocks rose in midday trading on Wednesday at Brazil´s São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa) following the record closing of Tuesday. At 12.14 pm/14.14 GMT the Bovespa was 0.39% higher at 25,229.2 points. Trading volume was around R$ 242.05 million ($1 = R$ 2.72).

Weimar and Wall Street (Ludwig von Mises Institute)
What is the relationship between Weimar Germany andWall St. of the late 90s? On the surface, what could be more different? Stock market booms are the best of times while hyperinflation is a nightmare.

Highlights of rising and falling U.S. stocks (CBS Market Watch)
Bulova Corp. shares soared almost 20 percent after the company said that Loews Corp. plans to buy its remaining 149,998 shares for $5.25 million, or $35 a share.

133 Mercer St. (betw. Prince and Spring Sts.)

NEWS IN BRIEF (Manila Bulletin)
The peso rate closed higher at P56.135 to the US dollar yesterday at the Philippine Dealing System of the Bankers Association of the Philippines from P56.16 the previous day. The weighted average rate appreciated to P56.140 from P56.161. Total volume amounted to $175.5 million.

Advancers (Investors.com)
Bulova (BULV), a watch and clock manufacturer, soared almost 20 percent Wednesday after it said that Loews (LTR) plans to buy its remaining 149,998 shares for $35 each, in a deal worth $5.25 million.

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